Contact us: UK tel 01233 642244

Sylvia Fairley Dip Nurs (London) Practice Manager ENT Kent Partnership
Mrs Sylvia A Fairley Dip Nurs (London), Practice Manage, ENT Kent Partnership
Mail Address:
71 Mill Court   Ashford   Kent   TN24 8DN
01233 642244

If you would like to discuss an appointment, please telephone 01233 642244. We prefer to speak to you directly before a consultation. We can then

  • advise what tests or procedures may be needed
  • book an appointment at a convenient time and place
  • give you an estimate of costs

We normally expect a letter of referral from your GP. We do not need to receive the letter before booking your appointment, we can book your appointment in advance.

Mrs Fairley will check your medical history, advise you whether any special tests or examinations are likely, and what they will entail. She can give you an estimate of costs, and may be able to offer some specialist ENT Nursing advice.

Sylvia Fairley is

  • a qualified clinical nurse teacher
  • holds a Diploma in Nursing from the University of London
  • can give specialist ENT nursing advice over the telephone to our patients