Expert witness Fees, Terms and Conditions, FAQ’s for instructing solicitors and medical reporting agencies

Mr James W Fairley BSc MBBS FRCS MS Consultant ENT Surgeon

Fees for medical reports produced to current Civil Procedures Rules

This page last updated 29 June 2020

  • Please telephone 01233 642244 for
    • free intial case-screening advice
    • whether your case falls within our area of expertise
    • up-to-date estimate of our currrent waiting times for reports
  • While we are happy to accept letters of approach, please do not send formal instructions and bundles of notes without our prior agreement to take the instructions
  • We are not currently accepting any new Noise-Induced Hearing Loss cases

Hourly Rates

Basic Rate
Our basic rate is £250 per hour plus costs of any specialist examinations, tests, investigations. We can supply estimates for individual cases on request.
Enhanced Rate for Expedited Service
Our enhanced rate is £375 per hour i.e. 1.5 times basic rate, where we are asked to provided an expedited service and this entails working outside normal hours, weekends etc. Requests for an expedited service must be agreed in advance by both parties, on a case by case basis.

Invoice Terms and Conditions

  • Fees payable on receipt of report
  • Interest of 1.5% per month payable beyond 30 days
  • We understand and will exercise our statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if we are not paid according to agreed credit terms

Deferred payment schemes

We do not carry out work under deferred payment schemes.

Legal aid cases

We no longer accept legal aid cases.

FAQ’s for instructing solicitors and medical report agencies

Where do you hold clinics for ENT medico-legal examinations?
We hold clinics at One Ashford Hospital, Ashford, Kent; the Chaucer Hospital, Canterbury and KIMS Hospital, Maidstone. See our appointments page for further details.
How often do you hold each clinic?
We hold weekly clinics in Ashford (Kent) and Maidstone, fortnightly in Canterbury. Please see our weekly programme timetable for further details.
What is the average turnaround time between a letter of instruction and the date of examination?
Three to four weeks – provided that we have agreed to accept the instruction in advance. We do not recommend sending instructions without prior discussion, and if bundles of notes are sent without our prior agreement, we will not necessarily accept the case, and if we do so the turnaround time is likely to be considerably longer.
What is the average time between the examination and the provision of the medical report?
Within twenty working days (four weeks)
Is audiology included in the price of a medical report for NIHL – Noise Induced Hearing Loss?
Yes. It is itemised out on the invoice fee note.
What frequencies do the medico-legal audiograms cover?
As per Coles et al guidelines, the audiogram covers 250, 500, 1k, 2k, 3k, 4k, 6k and 8k frequencies according to British Standards.
How much is the whole report including audiology costs to support a diagnosis of NIHL?
Usually GBP 1,150.00, provided that only a pure tone audiogram is required – if any more complex audiology such as oto acoustic emission testing, speech audiometry, brainstem electrical response or cortical evoked response this will increase the cost accordingly
Is VAT payable on your medical report?
No. At present, VAT is not payable on our medical reports, and we are not registered for VAT.
Does your fee include revision and/or amendments to your report, and include any supplementary reports, whether or not arising out of your original report?
Simple amendments and corrections of any factual errors and omissions are included in the fee. Responses to questions under CPR part 35.6 are not included and will be charged at our standard hourly rate. Supplementary reports, whether or not arising out of the original report, are also chargeable at our standard hourly rate, other than when an expedited supplementary report is required and this may be chargeable at our enhanced rate (see hourly rates above).
Can payment be deferred until successful recovery of costs at the end of the claim?
No. Payment is due on receipt of the report and interest becomes due on payments beyond 30 days. We do not participate in deferred payment schemes.
Are you prepared to travel to attend Case Conference with Counsel and if so what is your rate?
Yes. Case conference with Counsel is chargeable at our standard hourly rate, subject to a minimum fee of 1 hour for teleconferencing and 3 hours for attendance in person in London. Three hours is inclusive of travel time, but not travel disbursements, which are billed in addition. Attendance in person at more distant venues, requiring substantially a whole day or more, will be billed at our daily rate (8 hours of our standard hourly rate) to include travel time, but not travel disbursements and not including overnight accomodation costs which will be billed in addition.
Can you provide a redacted / anonymised sample Expert Witness ENT medical report?
Yes. Please contact admin(at) or call 01233 642244 to ask for this.
What is your percentage of instructions Claimant : Defendant?
50 : 50 All reports are produced to be scrupulously independent according to CPR Part 35 protocols regardless of whether we are instructed by claimant or defendant.
What is your fee for attending court as an Expert Witness?
GBP 2,000 per day plus travel expenses and overnight accomodation where required.
Have you presented evidence in Court as an Expert Witness?
I have given evidence and undergone cross-examination at GMC Fitness to Practice Hearings. I have undertaken training, approved by the Expert Witness Institute, in court room scenarios and cross-examination.
Can you provide a copy of your CV as a Medical Expert Witness?
Mr Fairley’s medico-legal CV as an Expert Witness is published on this site at Please note that the online version as publsihed on the website is the definitive and current document, any printed copies may not be up-to-date.

Case Examples

Example 1: Noise induced hearing loss report, no relevant previous medical history, small volume medical records, no complex audiometry required (pure tone only)
Consultation and Examination250.00
Pure tone audiometry to British Standards @ £150150.00
Report preparation time 3 hours @ £250 / hour750.00

Example 2: Moderately complex personal injuries case; significant volume previous medical records requiring detailed study & commentary
Examination and preparation time 6 hours @ £250 / hour1,500.00
Special investigation fibreoptic nasolaryngoscopy (inc hosp charges)350.00

Example 3: Complex medical negligence case; large volume previous medical records requiring detailed study & specific referenced citations / research documentation
Examination and preparation time 16 hours @ £250 / hour4,000.00
Multiple special investigations eg cortical evoked response audiometry, electronystagmography, MRI scanning (at cost)4,000.00

Court appearances

Our rate is £2,000 per day or part thereof, plus travel, accomodation & sundry expenses

Cancellation fees for court appearances

We require a minimum of 8 weeks notice to re-arrange private patient appointments, scheduled operating theatre lists etc.

  • Out-patient clinics and operating theatre lists are normally booked well in advance.
  • Time is needed either to cancel and re-book large numbers of patients appointments, or to engage locum cover.
  • Once a date has been booked as leave for court attendance, it is not usually possible for us to re-instate private practice work with less than 8 weeks notice.

Therefore it would be justifiable to bill the full rate if a court case is cancelled with less than 8 weeks notice. However we recognize that this is not customary practice, and work to the following schedule:

Notice of Cancellation (calendar days)Percentage of fee payable
more than 56nil
28 – 5625%
14 – 2750%
7 – 1375%
less than 7100%