Expert witness ENT specialist medicolegal reports

Mr James W Fairley BSc MBBS FRCS (Otolaryngology) MS (London) Consultant Ear Nose & Throat Surgeon, Medical Expert Witness

This page last updated 21 February, 2017

Please Note – until further notice we are not accepting any new Noise-Induced Hearing Loss instructions

Please Call 01233 642244 for free intial case-screening advice. Please do not send bundles of notes through the post without prior discussion and our agreement to take the instructions.

Mrs Sylvia A Fairley Dip Nurs (Lond) Practice ManagerMrs Sylvia A Fairley
Dip Nurs (London)
Practice Manager
Mr James W Fairley BSc MBBs FRCS MS (London) Expert Witness Consultant ENT Specialist SurgeonMr James W Fairley
BSc MBBs FRCS MS (London)
Expert Witness Consultant ENT Specialist Surgeon

Contact: Mrs Sylvia A Fairley Dip Nurs (Lond) Practice Manager

tel 01233 642244

71 Mill Court, Ashford, Kent TN24 8DN

With a track record of over 25 years providing timely, clear, independent medical reports to the legal profession, we fully understand the requirements of instructing solicitors, in particular the restricted timescales for civil litigation, the limitations of expertise, and the absolute need for independent, balanced consideration. We bring to bear

  • Over 35 years clinical experience in ENT
  • Accepting medicolegal instructions since 1990
  • Strong academic background in Evidence Based Medicine
  • Scientific, analytical and logical approach
  • Sound grasp of legal principles / CPR
  • Key points of case grasped, summarised & presented effectively

Mr Fairley currently produces around 25 Expert Witness medico-legal reports per year, some commissioned by claimant, some defendant, and increasingly as a single joint expert. In the personal injury field, common areas for reports are

  • Industrial NIHL – Noise Induced Hearing Loss
  • Tinnitus
  • Ear, Nose and Throat injuries from Road Traffic Accidents including whiplash
  • Medical negligence cases

Mrs Fairley runs a highly efficient office and we have a rapid turnaround for reports, including electronic delivery (secure .pdf format) All reports are produced according to current CPR rules and protocols.

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Fees, terms and conditions

Our fees are payable on receipt of the report.

Deferred payment schemes

We do not carry out work under deferred payment schemes

Legal aid cases

We no longer accept legal aid cases.