Information for Legal Secretaries and medical report Agencies – ENT Expert Witness Medical Report Instructions

This page last updated 14 September, 2019

Please Note – Until further notice we are not accepting any new Noise-Induced Hearing Loss instructions

Mrs Sylvia Fairley Dip Nurs (Lond) Practice Manager
Mrs Sylvia Fairley Dip Nurs (Lond) Practice Manager

Mr Fairley is a Consultant ENT Specialist providing Expert Witness services for medical negligence and personal injury cases in Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery.

Appointments for medico-legal clients are held at various hospitals in Kent, and also in London at the Harley Street ENT Clinic.

Summary of Important Points for obtaining Expert Witness medical reports

1. Please contact Mrs Sylvia Fairley telephone 01233 642244 for

  • free intial case-screening advice
  • whether your case falls within our area of expertise
  • up-to-date estimate of our currrent waiting times for reports

2. Whilst we are happy to accept letters of approach, please do not send bundles of notes and formal instructions without confirming in advance that we are able to accept the case.

3. All instruction letters and case notes to be securely packaged and sent to our Practice Office please:

71 Mill Court
TN24 8DN

4. We also accept instructions and copies of medical records electronically, including:

  • secure email
  • password protected discs
  • download from secure file transfer services

Terms and Conditions

Mr Fairley’s CV for medico-legal work

Direct Telephone line for Kent ENT Expert Witness Medical Reports
01233 642244
Direct Safe Haven Fax referrals line for Kent ENT Expert Witness Medical Reports
01233 662840

Mrs Sylvia Fairley handles all administration for Expert Witness Medical Reports. Instructions for Expert Witness Medical Reports should be addressed to ENT Kent Practice Office at:

71 Mill Court
TN24 8DN

Please note that

  • All appointments for our ENT clinics in Kent are coordinated through our central diary at 71 Mill Court
  • The private hospitals are not able to book patients directly into our clinics
  • Referral letters sent to the private hospitals are usually faxed to us for action, but not always – and this can result in delays

Please do not hesitate to telephone Mrs Sylvia Fairley, Practice Manager on 01233 642244 for any queries.

Weekly Programme JW Fairley Consultant ENT Surgeon – Adult and Paediatric Otolaryngology

Timetable Updated 13 September 2019

Other clinic times may be available – tel 01233 642244

MorningChaucer Hospital Canterbury Adults Operating Theatres
KIMS Hospital Maidstone ENT Clinic – Adults and Children
One Ashford Hospital ENT Clinic – Adults and Children
Spencer Private Hospital Ashford Childrens Operating Theatres
AfternoonChaucer Hospital Canterbury ENT Clinic – Adults
One Ashford Hospital * ENT Clinic – Adults and Children
Harley Street ENT Clinic London – Adults and Children
Note for Parents – Appointments for Children: We can see children at the One Ashford Hospital, at KIMS Hospital, Maidstone, and the Harley Street ENT Clinic, London. We cannot see children at The Chaucer Hospital – they are restricted by their CQC licence to adult patients only.