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Biofilms and human infection © JW Fairley 2014

Five stages in biofilm development © 2003 Peg Dirckx Center for Biofilm Engineering Montana State University

Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA) Osseo-integrated titanium auditory implant © JW Fairley 2013

Hearing by Direct Bone Conduction - Osseointegrated Auditory Implant

Cholesteatoma and mastoid surgery © JW Fairley 2014

Cholesteatoma left attic. Key: tm = tympanic membrane (eardrum) c = cholesteatoma

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) including balloon sinuplasty © JW Fairley 2014

Normal opening into the left maxillary sinus (the natural ostium)seen through a nasal endoscope. Key: mt = middle turbinate, mm = middle meatus, it = inferior turbinate

Glue ear, grommets (ventilation tubes) and adenoids © JW Fairley 2014

Glueehind right eardrum

Nosebleeds First Aid – What to do © JW Fairley 2011

Pinching the lower part of the nose betweewill stop most nosebleeds

Otitis externa – inflammation of the outer ear © JW Fairley 2014

Chronic otitis externa. Eczema with secondarssuring of the skin at the opening of the ear canal

Rhino-sinusitis: causes & medical treatment © JW Fairley 2014

CT scan showing a thin vertical slice through the face at the level of the eyelids. Air is black, bone is white, soft tissues and fluids are shades of grey. The frontal sinuses are the black spaces above the eyes. The ethmoid sinuses are the black spaces between the eyes. Between the cheeks, the grey pear-shaped bumps in the side walls of the nose are the inferior turbinates. The nasal septum is the vertical structure in the midline.

Tinnitus – noises in the ears or head
What causes it and how to deal with it © JW Fairley 2011

Tinnitus can be like the sound of a sea shell held to the ear

Tonsils and adenoids © JW Fairley 2010

Acute tonsillitis - Red and swollen tonsils. Key: t = tonsil, u = uvula

Vertigo Rehabilitation Exercises © JW Fairley 2010

Vertigo - an illusion of motion
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