Fees for Private Patients in Kent ENT Clinics

This page last updated 27 June 2020

Costs of Consultations and ENT Specialist Out-Patient Procedures

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Private Patient Fees

Consultation Fees

New Patient Consultation – Kent ENT Clinics£250
Follow Up Consultation – Kent ENT Clinics£160

Out-patient ENT Specialist Procedure Fees

Please note that:

  • Specialist Procedure Fees are billed in addition to Consultation Fees
  • Hospital Charges are not included and are billed separately and in addition to the specialist’s fees
  • Hospital Charges for out-patient ENT specialist procedures vary between hospitals
Microsuction of Ear – Specialist’s fee (in addition to consultation fee, does not include hospital charge)£91
Rigid Nasal Endoscopy – Specialist’s fee (in addition to consultation fee, does not include hospital charge)£100
Flexible Fibreoptic Nasolaryngoscopy – Specialist’s fee (in addition to consultation fee, does not include hospital charge)£187

Important note: Specialist Fees & Out-Patient Procedure Charges

For Out-Patient Procedures you will receive Two Bills – one from us, and one from the Hospital.
The table above is for our procedure fees only, it does not include consultation fees nor does it include the hospital bill.

  • Hospital charges are not under our control
  • They vary from £10 up to £220
  • We will give you an estimated total cost on booking
  • Further fees may be charged for special tests and examinations

Audiology Hearing Tests

Pure Tone Audiogram£80 – 110 (depending on hospital clinic)
Impedance / Tympanogram£63 – 70 (depending on hospital clinic)

  • Note: Hearing tests are billed by each hospital and not under our control.

Surgical Operations

We bill to rates that are accepted by most Medical Insurance Companies.poa

For Self Paying Patients

  • Consultant fees are only part of the cost of private medical treatment
  • You may also receive hospital bills
  • There may be further bills for scans, blood tests and private prescriptions
  • We will do our best to estimate the total cost of your first appointment in advance
  • You can swap between private and NHS treatment at any time, subject to your GP referring you back into the NHS system
  • For in-patient and day-case surgical operations, ask about our fixed price quotes

For insured patients

  • Please check what your policy covers
  • Any exclusions or financial limits?
  • Will you have to pay an excess?
  • Private prescription drugs are not usually covered on insurance policies
  • Even though most medical insurance companies settle accounts directly on your behalf, payment remains your personal responsibility
  • Please bring your claim form or pre-authorisation number with you
  • We can help you fill in your claim form
  • Patients who are eligible for NHS treatment can swap between private and NHS treatment at any time, subject to GP referring back into the NHS system


Enquiries and payments

All accounts enquiries and payments should be directed to our ENT Kent Partnership Office at

71 Mill Court, Ashford, Kent TN24 8DN

tel. 01233 642244

Responsibility for payment

Please remember that, as a private patient, payment is your personal responsibility, although many medical insurance companies will settle the account directly on your behalf.

When is payment due?

The balance of your account, less any deposit, is payable immediately after your consultation.

Payment methods

We accept

  • Cheques
  • Cash
  • BACS – online bank transfers
  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards

We no longer accept American Express.

Payment by telephone

You can pay with your debit card over the phone, 01233 642244

BACS payments

Our bank details for transfer will appear on your invoice. If you choose to use BACS or online transfer, please keep us advised as it is not always clear where incoming payments have come from.

Private Medical Insurance Claims for direct settlement

  • A signed insurance claim form, or confirmed pre-authorisation number, is essential if you want your medical insurance company to pay us directly
  • If you do not receive your claim form from the insurance company until after your consultation, please sign it and send it on to 71 Mill Court without delay
  • Other bills from hospitals, anaesthetists, radiologists, pathologists etc may arrive before or after ours
  • If your insurance claim is already in progress, please send any further invoices you receive to your insurance company, quoting your policy and claim reference numbers

Bad debt policy

We provide an excellent and efficient service and it is rare that any of our patients default on paying their accounts. For the tiny minority who avail themselves of our time and expertise but do not pay their bills, our policy is to send two reminders, then pursue the debt through the small claims court

Fixed Price Scheme

The total cost of an operation is made up of three main parts:

Item Approximate Percent
Hospital Charges 65%
Surgeon Fees 25%
Anaesthetist fees 15%
Total 100%
Possible Further Bills – unusual pathology etc ????

You can pay as you go, settle all these accounts separately, and deal with any extra bills as and when they occur. But for self-funding patients undergoing surgical operations at KIMS, Spencer and Chaucer hospitals we recommend their fixed price schemes. These offer a single all-in charge

  • Hospital charges, surgeon fees and anaesthetist fees included
  • In-patient and day-case operations covered
  • First follow-up consultation included
  • Price is fixed and payable in advance

Please phone 01233 642244 and ask Mrs Fairley to arrange a fixed price quotation.

Still Not sure what you need and how much it will cost? Call 01233 642244